The fall of 2007 saw the Navy in dire straights: It was lacking members in squadrons, and in one squadron the Squadron Leader had left. It was then that the Naval High Command decided that it was time for change.

Two Experienced Pilots, both from the same squadron, were selected to lead two newly formed squadrons, named whatever they wanted. Tomas was one of those pilots, and he chose to name 'Viper' for his new squadron, thus re-opening the closed Viper Squadron. From there he went on to select Flight Leaders, and Flight Members. Though the Squadron was small, with only about six members to begin with, it soon grew. They started a Squadron Story as soon as they could, and in the first full month of squadron activity managed to be awarded "Captain's Own". After a little over three years, Viper Squadron was back in action and ready for Combat.

Like everyone else though, Viper Squadron fell on hard times, and lost the title of "Captain's Own". But they eventually regained their stunning activity. During the "Roku Tan Incident" they performed stunningly, and they were rewarded with TIE Interceptors (this was for coming in second place).